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Shopping trip.
« on: November 22, 2020, 01:49:48 PM »
I went out "shopping" yesterday and also tested out a list of things on the YR5.
1. Mrs Scarlet has bought me a TomTom Rider 50 for a BIG birthday last tuesday so was playing with that.Although it is a wireless set up I was just using it visually without sound as I tried to use some wireless earbuds that sync with the satnav.The issue I had with the earbuds was they stick out too far from your ears when inserted and getting my crash helmet over them was painful :'((but  then it felt like I could not get my helmet off without ripping the top of my ears off.With much swearing I just managed to get my fingers rammed down inside the front visor opening and ripped out the earbuds which left me feeling like I had been punched around the ears. >:(
We have now looked at some wireless headsets with flat speakers and I have ordered some to try.
2. I have a small amount of oil appearing from the left side of the engine casing that I traced to the gear shaft seals/bungs and I have replaced with new ones.Comments on these being thinner and dont look as substantial in quality as the original are correct but they are in and I have been checking them and no sign of any weeping from them so far ;).
3. I have had the baffles out of the YR5 and the YDS7 for the decoke maintenance.Last year I cobbled together some plastic drainpipe which I filled with a strong caustic solution then dangled the baffles in there for a few days with pretty poor results and too much hassle and mess.This year I have bought a good blowtorch and map gas and hung the baffles up and burnt them till the oil had burnt off and the coke had turned grey.Then hand and mechanical wirebrushed of the rest.Better results and more fun (sorry for the smoke signals over Hadleigh).Replaced and rewired wadding on baffles and refitted to bikes.The YR5 has been run so far without the baffle wadding as that was how it came and it has always had a tiny more expansion pipe like tone than the YDS7 with wadding so I thought I will make both bikes exhausts baffles the same for comparison this time.
4. The YR5 has always used a fair amount more 2 stroke oil than the YDS7 and also smokes quite a bit more even after warm up and the needed zap up the revs to clear its throat.As both pumps have been restored and set up by our maestro and resident genious (Arrow) I chatted with him to see what could be done.I knew that a 350 would need and use more oil than the 250 but the larger amount seems quite high.Also extra smoke than the 250 seemed to be excess oil (not wrong or damaging but puzzling).
As usual Arrow went through the options logically and he explained the early bikes were quite high oilers and to reshim the pump to a slightly smaller gap would still be very safe instead of 'safe,safe'.The pump is now set and back and used for the first time on the "shopping trip".
1. The satnav is bloody excellent and will give me a much better ability to just get up and go to a wider radius area.Looking forward to using on the Rally at Derby and be able to go out over the peak district without getting lost.
2. Time will tell but the newer type seal/bungs on the gearbox rod ends seems to have stopped the leak.
3. The serviced baffles work well and the YR5 runs very perky,whether it is the baffles or the nice cool air I dont know but very pleased.
4. The bike did not seem to smoke as much and the oil consumption I will keep a eye on.
The fact that it did not smoke excessively even on the longer stretch of the A127 that is now nearly all 50mph average speed camera covered(whats that all about? >:( >:() is encouraging.
After all that would you believe I forgot the milk.
Probably have to go out again to get it. :D :D

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Re: Shopping trip.
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2020, 09:37:46 AM »
I also had the embarrassment of riding a really smoky bike so much so that it put me off going out on it (70's no probs... these days it turns heads!!) I solved my excess smoke issue on my 350 (351 A) engine which had the coarse oil pump shaft and gearing by changing the drive shaft and getting Arrow to gear the pump with the later finer tooth gearing from a B. I also changed the pulley from a 364 to a 521  which has a slightly different "ramp" profile and set the pulley  clearance to slightly less than the recommended 10 thou ( I think that's it?) and it now runs like a dream. Smokes quite a bit on start up but once warmed up just enough to keep me happy!!
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Re: Shopping trip.
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2020, 11:50:15 AM »
You will love the GPS. I have had a Garmin StreetPilot 2730 for around 15 years, but switched due to diming screen and limited memory (the unit's - US maps are getting huge). I now have a Zumo 396, which has lifetime maps but a different user interface that I'm still getting used to. They are great, but be careful that they don't draw your attention away from riding. And remember to take it off when you park!
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Re: Shopping trip.
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2020, 07:35:45 PM »
I use the TomTom Go Mobile app on my phone and a pair of old Sennheiser (CX200) headphones which are really comfortable inside my Bell crash helmet. You can plan your routes on their route planning site - it even allows you to select 'twisty' routes. The subscription is £14.99 a year but you can use it in the car, pushbike, etc so not too bad. I just hit the 'drive' button and leave the phone in a jacket pocket and use the spoken commands which are clear and timely.

The 'twisty' routes were great when I was running in - found some bits of Warwickshire & Gloucestershire that I didn't know existed - pity the pubs were all shut due to lockdown 1.0!



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Re: Shopping trip.
« Reply #4 on: November 25, 2020, 05:27:26 PM »
I use the TomTom Go Mobile app on my phone and a pair of old Sennheiser (CX200) headphones



i also use the tomtom GO mobile app they have just done another big upgrade on it so not sure if its better now, not had a chance to really use it, fingers crossed, a few of us went out on an earlier ride out from the Derby rally, did 150 miles roughly, i didnt know where we were but luckily we had a local guide.  ;D 
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