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Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: Points
« Last post by tore on July 29, 2021, 07:56:38 AM »
Seen on Ebay in US (e.g.
Or in India (e.g.
Or in China (e.g Alibaba)

You need to get the right size. Grinding tungsten is a nightmare.

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Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: rd200 1e8
« Last post by Gr8uncleal on July 29, 2021, 07:32:22 AM »
I am reading "staryed" as "started".

Is the engine rebuild the ONLY change that you've made? Did you remove any of the wires from the starter/generator assembly? Photos would help here.

My feeling at the moment is that the indicator issue isn't directly related to the electric start/charging one, as the flasher relay is rubber mounted and, if it needs an earth, receives it via the three pin block that includes the self cancelling wire.

I would start at one end of the bike and check all of the connections, to ensure that they are all clean and with no short circuits. Make absolutely sure that every wire is matched with one of an identical colour - they can get discoloured over time. Wires for the left indicators are dark brown (aka chocolate) and for the right are dark green.

If you find that you are struggling to see the colours in the headlight shell, then you could try a trial run with this removed - loads more space and light if you do this.

The flasher relay can be repaired, although it feels a little fiddly the first time that you do it. Post here if you want to know how.

Oh, and welcome!
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: Points
« Last post by Bluehaze on July 29, 2021, 02:45:23 AM »
Silver solder new tungsten disks as contacts

Transplant tungsten discs from easily available points sets?
That is an option but buying new is cheaper and maybe safer bet. Cheap points may not have tungsten :)

Who sells?
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: rd200 1e8
« Last post by hitmanuk on July 28, 2021, 11:30:47 PM »
i checked the flasher indicator unit it doeset flash but when you tap it it will.... 1 tap 1 flash etc im not sure if this is anything to do with the starter button and charge issue im having maybe just a knackerd flasher relay
but i carnt get my head around the start button not working and the bike not charging 
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: rd200 1e8
« Last post by Astute Greaser on July 28, 2021, 10:32:32 PM »
Hi there.
I'm assuming "staryed" means resprayed. The negative earth for the flashers and starter come via the frame. Paint isolates the parts from the earth.
These old style electrics do not have separate negative wires.
The battery cable to frame connection needs cleaning and a spot of vaseline or copper grease applied. Similarly where the indicators bolt to the frame and  inside headlight.
The starter button earth is through the handlebars. If these have been painted then paint needs removing where the switch gear clamps and under the handlebar clamps.
A quick way to prove each case, is to run a length of wire directly from the frame earth and touch to the indicators and handlebars while trying to operate the switch gear, indicators and starter.
Alternately do a continuity test with a meter. These are small cost and something worth having, useful for setting up points and you will wonder how you ever did without one.
If this solves your problems then great.  If not then comeback for more in depth help especially with charging. The starter/dynamo is unique to the 200 for RDs
Go to the clubs tech section and download the manuals for your bike
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / rd200 1e8
« Last post by hitmanuk on July 28, 2021, 09:38:41 PM »
hi all so i brought myself an rd200 dx 1e8 staryed and ran fine but decided to have the engine rebuilt
i removed the loom not knowing i did not need to at the time but anyway got engine back put all back together again the bikes runs but flasher unit dont flash and bike wont start off the button and wont charge.. can anyone please help me out here im not very good with electrics so may have to bare with me but any help would be apretiated...
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Carburettor advice
« Last post by chill1 on July 28, 2021, 09:04:30 PM »
Thanks for advice bits going straight back to yambits👍.
Hi  there.

I've just stumbled on this thread and not actually read it thru but will do so later as I also have a CS3 project.

Reason for this post however is just to say yours is a CS3B.

How so?

Well the E wasn't sold in USA and the red rear indicator lenses are USA issue. Also the rear shocks have exposed springs. E models had shrouded shocks like the YCS1. Also rubber boots on front forks. Again the E was shrouded here. Only other differences to ID it would be the electrics...

If it's a B from USA the voltage regulator etc will be Mitsubishi. E models (UK & Europe) had Hitachi components.

Strangely your voltage regulator has the Hitachi symbol on it so it may have been changed at some point but I'm guessing if you look at generator it will be Mitsubishi
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: YDS7/YR5 Exhaust baffles
« Last post by Yamahaar on July 28, 2021, 08:32:25 PM »
Thanks for the reply CaptainScarlet. Sounds ideal. I've just looked on Norbos website & he lists standard or easy breathe. I take it you are referring to the standard set?
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: YDS7/YR5 Exhaust baffles
« Last post by Captain Scarlet on July 28, 2021, 08:25:40 PM »
I bought 2 pairs from Norbo at his website shop £30/pair + postage so I can put in a clean set while cleaning and repacking ones coming out.
Work very well in my YDS7 and YR5. ;)
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