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Title: Original RD350 BLACK top-hat carbs assembly
Post by: rd350b on June 11, 2021, 12:21:24 AM
Hi there; I'm looking for help on the way to assemble the slide and needle set-up on the original top-hat type Mikuni's. I'm unsure if the needle goes below, or above, the Spacer/cable attachment block that then fixes into the inner upper part of the slide via 2 Philips panhead screws?
    There appear to be no pictures out there on the web and my manuals are vague, or expect you to know? The exploded diagram appears to put the mounting point above the spacer, but there are recessions to accommodate the needle- clip in both positions (ie in the slide and above the spacer). ps the needles also don't quite get down to touching the main jet even in the lower position option, so no clues there either   ::)(. Which needle mounting option do I go for anyone?
                          Thanks             and I'm getting close now to finally firing-up my 1975B that was bought as one and a half basket-cases approx 5 years ago! ;)