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Ralph Waldmann


It’s been reported that Ralf ‘The Plumber’ Waldmann has recently passed away.

Twice finishing runner up in the 250cc and third in the 125cc world championships and winner of the crazy 250cc race at Donington in 2000.

RIP Ralf.

Yes its true.

Ralf was found on the floor at his parents house, suspected heart attack, just 51, so sad.

I didnt know Ralf very well, just on 'nodding terms' in the paddock, but he was a genuinly liked bloke and one hell of a 250 racer.

I think he was the guy with the most GP wins without becoming World Champion (250 class).

RIP Ralk


Here is a fact that shows just how good he was.

Leading the 1995 Suzuka 250 GP by 30 seconds, then he crashed.

"When I was sliding along, I was thinking, oh boy: you are stupid."

Then he got back on & won the race by 30 seconds, to lead the world championship

RIP Ralf


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