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2018 Moto2 Moto3 Test Jerez

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paul n:
I think the Moto 3 races are some of the best most competitive races I have ever seen. I used to love watching the Moto 2 but now seem too spread out. So l have some grub when it's on then get excited again for the Moto GP race. As for electric races. If the TT is anything to go on scrap the idea now. It's the most waste of time you can get on the island. Why it continues is beyond me and why we should all start accepting electric vehicles as the future, when it's plainly no where near practical yet, is crazy. Hopefully the fossil fuels won't run out for a while yet.

TT circuit is the perfect testing ground. as it as always been!

The experimental electric bikes of today are much on a par with the 1930's racing motorcycle.

They were cutting edge development back then and one day todays electric bikes will look ancient as well

paul n:
Yes I agree Del but racing should be entertaining and the TT zero is not. It's a total waste of time. Only 2 riders can win and the other 6 entries are so far off the pace as to be in a junior class. So you sit around for 2 1/2 hours to watch 8 bikes go by once. It's too early in their development to race or accept as a viable means of practical transport.

betty foRD:
Maybe the TT bikes should go ‘green’ ie non hydrocarbon and run methanol like the speedway boys have been doing for ever...


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