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2018 MotoGP test 3 Qatar

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Today was the first day of the final pre season test for the MotoGP class in Qatar

This test starts in day light and ends under the lights

Have a feeling there was a bit of 'sand bagging' going on today, but we ended up with 4 different teams in the top 4 places (3 manufacturers), and no Honda's !!!

Many teams use this test to do their marketing photos for this year

I do love the pics each season from under the lights  :)

Quickest today

Suzuki went well today

And so did Zarco on the satelite Yamaha

There were the usual 'tumbles'

Pedrosa did this

Twice !!!

This guy went well early on, leading for a while


Brilliant pics! I see Cal is down to 9th...


--- Quote from: kawazonkey on March 01, 2018, 09:27:29 PM ---Brilliant pics! I see Cal is down to 9th...

--- End quote ---

Yep, but he was leading Honda, ahead of Marquez and Pedrosa (see my earlier coment re: 'sand bagging')  ::) ::)


paul n:
Qatar always seems to provide weird results every year so you cant take it as a season predictor.
I agree that racing under the flood lights gives the best pictures of the year and yours are ace.
Thanks Steve

Evening All  ;D

So here is Day2 from Qatar, thought i would add a little extra info today, so here goes ....

The capital and major city of Qatar is Doha ..........

This is a pic of the financial district which is across the bay from 'downtown' and the main hotels, although it looks like a typical financial district of a major city it is actually false !!!
Most of those tower blocks are empty  :o :o :o
The state (the Imir) actually pays to have the lights put on randomly to make it look like it is full and busy  ::) ::)

Anyway, another interesting day at the track, we finished with 2 Suzuki's and 2 satalite bikes in the top 6

In the end Iannone was quickest

But for most of the day Dovi was quickest

As mentioned yesterday, today we had quite a lot of 'sandbagging' going on  ::)

For most of the day nobody wanted to break into the 1:54's, on at least 3 times i saw Crutchlow set fastest overall times in the first 3 sectors of the lap only to roll off in the final sector, or pull off into the pits  :-\

Saw Marquez, Dovi and Zarco do this too  :-\

Ok, anyone interested in why they are 'sandbagging' at this Qatar test ?  :-\

The reason is quite interesting too  :)

Yes, the factories dont want the others to gain too much info on their engines at this test and show their ultimate performance levels.

Because, immediatly after this test the engine departments have their busiest time. They have just over a week to build 5 engines for each of their riders, to their finalised spec.
These engines then have to all be shipped to Qatar and handed to IRTA, who inspect them, ensure they are all the same and then seal them.

These are the engines that the riders will use throughout the season.

So the factories do not want the other factories to know exactly how strong their engines are, in the hope that the others will miss calculate and take a few more risks with their own engine specs !!   8) 8) 8) 8)

Early in todays running the Pramac boys (Petrucci & Miller) went for a bit of syncronised crashing, both falling at turn 1 at the same time  :P

On every day of the 3 test, so far, Naka San has been the quickest 'rookie'

For the first time, Aprilia has 4 2018 spec bikes at a test

To finish today, a great pic of Jack Millers eyes

Last day tomorrow


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