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New spacers needed - anyone do this?


Spreading this query far and wide - I need some ally spacers making up for a hybrid project.

Is there a keen amateur out there willing/able to make some up for me?

Crewe/Stoke area

Search out dieseldoc here, as he has been known to fabricate parts.

Astute Greaser:
Used this company before.
Most you select product by outer diameter. Then sub-select length & bore.
For one off this is cheaper than sourcing material and getting machined. Free postage.
However for lots then you need to compile list and approach a machinist. Doing bit meal is awkward and expensive.
Dieseldoc as Alan said is great guy.

Hiya, sent you an email regarding the spacers.

I like to do some metalworking as well as motorbiking, which is handy at times.
I've made lots of spacers and washers, often of stainless steel so plating isn't needed.
If it appeals to anyone else, may the swarf be with you.


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