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FS3 homemade engine


Hey folks.

Beside my RD250C ride and bike project.  8)

I was always dreaming of engineering and building a homemade engine. Not all parts homemade, but most.
Back in 2017 I have engineered and build a 55cc one cylinder four stroke, sorry no smoker (ehm smokes a little when warming up;), as a hobby. Already designed a new V3 fourstroke engine.
But now I want to play to build a usable two stroke engine.

Being a Yamaha biker. I was looking at FS1 or RD/DT barrels. So idea rise, what about to design from Yamaha mopped barrels a three-in-line engine! Looking so much fun to design and build. Need engineering to build a usable crankshaft. Might be difficult to make it true on concentric and straight press fit crankshaft. I thinking about using same stroke and use same connecting rods as original engine.

I think I would use Yamaha cylinders, because Yamaha and because price. Other options Puch barrels, Kreidler, Zundapp. I have no knowledge with the FS1 engines but heard from my dad that they could run hot. So maybe make custom made heads, maybe water heads.

Thinking of displacements. Option 50cc, 60, 65 or even 70. making 150, 180, 195, 210 cc.
Seems like FS1 do put most horses out. 4.8 hp at 7 or 9 k rpm 50cc original ?

atmosphere pics. 1st FS1 2nd RD/DT



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