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Hello from Devon


Hi, I’ve been a member for a year and have just renewed. I had a 200 electric back in the day before passing my test and moving on to 4 strokes ( am I allowed to mention them?) anyway I’ve a hankering to get another Yam 2 stroke to see if nostalgia really is what it used to be, so joined the club to get some background and ‘feel’ before looking for a bike.

Astute Greaser:
Welcome Normski.
Yes the 200's were a good starter  :D (electric) back in the day. Bit frightening that a learner with no experience could climb on bike capable of 85mph.
Quite a few where badges etc removed and re-registered as 125's when learner laws changed  :o :o. Wolf in sheep's clothing   8)

Welcome Normski and yes, nostalgia is every bit as good as you have heard but it sometimes comes with some frustrations when it comes to old two strokes….  8)

First thing you need to do is work out which model really floats your boat, as there is no such thing as a cheap classic these days sadly. Also, you may (like me) be somewhat ‘larger’ then you were when a teenager and so that RD125/200 might not be able to perform as you remember it doing back in the day.

Some models are more sought after than others and can therefore command higher prices, so you need to set yourself a budget and work out what that might buy you. Imports and non matching number bikes can often be more accessible price-wise but won’t dilute the owning/riding experience, so can be a good starting point.

My recommendation is always to look at attempting to buy a bike from someone on this forum if you can, as they are all enthusiasts and will be straightforward to deal with, giving you peace of mind. Why not post a wanted add in the member’s section and see what sort of response you get?


Hi Normski and welcome. Glad to see another person that wants to save another RD, this is all that I do in my retirement. In my opinion, it's not what you take on but what do you want if it's for you, you will need a bike with enough power for your needs with a little extra, back in the day when first out a 125 was great but not really good for that lengthy run out, if you just want to potter around then 125 is ok. As for what to get, it depends on how much work you want to do and what you are capable of doing, I myself like to do everything myself and not get others to do it for me but that's the way I am. There is nothing wrong with imports, and matching numbers don't really matter, a bike with a good motor with non matching numbers is worth more than a matching number bike with a trashed motor in my eyes, some may disagree but I don't think many. All I can say is with the help of club members, nothing can't be done or sorted.

Thank you for your welcome.
I’ve got a few other projects to try to clear so it’s unlikely I’ll be looking seriously until Autumn or later.


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