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RG500 swinging arm


phil turner:
Not long bought this? After taking the two bottom pipes off to be painted,noticed a gouge in the swinging arm on the left and another on the right which coincided with the line of the silencer brackets.When the suspension is compressed it runs very close to the swinging arm and has obviously been the cause of the gouges.Whoever rode it like this must have noticed it as it would make a horrible noise.
My first suspect item is the shock absorber as the bike seems low to start with and there doesn’t, seem a lot of movement when compressed.I have yet to check the swinging arm bushes and linkages
Anyone have one of these to compare the ride height as it is as low as an rd400f.
Any info or advice appreciated. Cheers Phil

Hi phil,

my one has the same marks. 3mm deep on one side not so bad on the other. I had thought that it was a previous owner had installed some sort of homemade rear sets i suspect that mine was raced at one time. The silencer bolts dont protrude so much as to strike the arm so maybe swing arm play caused it  ???? As for gauging the ride height how do YOU calculate that? (sit on ..full weight and take a measurement from where ?)
Looks in nice condition is it original paint ?

phil turner:
I am not sure if all of the paintwork is original as the belly pan looks to be an aftermarket copy,other than that the rest appears original and the paintwork is very shiny. With only 8500 miles on the clock,which you have to
take with a pinch of salt as most old two strokes seemed to have had a chequered past.
It looks to me as if different pipes have been fitted at some time with a wider wheel as there is a cutout in the chain guard.
There doesn’t seem to be any play in the swinging arm bushes,but the shock feels tired with very little up and down movement. I have made sure there is clearance between the swinging arm and the bottom exhaust brackets and used bolts with a thin head just to be sure that when the shock is compressed it misses the swinging arm.
I am putting a new shocker in as the original are non rebuildable with a ride height adjuster so I can increase the standing ride height.(It looks to me like they sit low at the back as standard and would look better jacked up a bit.
Fortunately the engine appears to be sound and very quiet,and when it is fired up the sound is intoxicating and any other faults can be forgiven and repaired or made better.
                                                     Cheers Phil

phil turner:
Forgot to add,would love to put a Metmachek swinging arm in as they are a work of art but at nearly a £1000
I cannot justify it at the moment,but it also detracts from the originality as well. Cheers Phil


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