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yamaha lt2 100cc front indicator

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hi guys
just started to refurb my indicators on my lt2 but when i opened them up the one had total rusted inside and the reflect is totally rusted out , iv tried to get one for a few weeks now but no luck ,, has anyone got any ideas where i can get one  ? i need the reflector bit where the bulb pushes in ... thank you

Doubling your chances of a reply, Matt!

I've replied on t'other frum!  ;)

Astute Greaser:
Is this the reflector you are after.

From a 1974 RD200A.
I can tell you the centers for mounting if so.
All I would want is postage

hi mate
it looks the same ,, if you could tell me the centers that would be great mate , thank you

Astute Greaser:
53.5mm reflector centers. Could do with polishing but should come up. Also the black +ive wire will need replacing and bullet soldered on.
The copper weaved earth wire uses one of the reflector screws to mount.
PM me details if of use.
I've dug out my bag of indicators gathered from purchase of couple of looms etc. 12 of them,  :o, none good enough to put on bikes  :'( so I'm happy to let you recycle a reflector.


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