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Hi everyone, I have been searching and searching for the fasteners that clip into the chrome strip on a seat and fit through the seat base and you put a nut on to hold the chrome strip in place. Failing to find any I thought I would try making them, it was a lot easier than I thought, now I have all 10 ready to fit on. If anyone is having the same problem, get in touch.

Photo please?

What I did was to cut a piece of tin, put a countersunk hole in it and then tined it with solder. I got a small bolt and ground the head down quite thin, then i tined that as well and soldered them both together. The outcome is a good sturdy little fastener ready for fitting.

Ian Anderson:
Do you mean these?

Hi Ian, yes I have seen these but for honda's. They are different to the ones fitted so I thought that I would save £20 and make my own, with a nut fitting the same as that is on. I am what they call old school and prefer to make where possible, these only cost pence apposed to pounds and my opinion is easier to fit. Thanks for showing me.


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