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Petrol Tap Gauze Filter

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Hi to all members
The gauze filter on my petrol tap disintegrated, so I found a alternative see attached pic

Thanks for posting.

What is the diameter where it locates into the hole in the fuel tap?

Astute Greaser:
Hi Alan.
In this game its all been done before  :P


--- Quote from: Astute Greaser on February 26, 2021, 03:20:29 PM ---Hi Alan.
In this game its all been done before  :P

--- End quote ---

Thanks Mike.

I have bought off that seller before, but the part I bought didn't fit. However, I've no idea now what bike the part I bought was for and even if I still need it!  :o :-\ :D

I wasn't sure that this had been posted before, the old gauze filter had disintegrated, the filter I purchased fitted over the exciting pipe, however I was struggling to find one that would fit


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