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Hello there , just joined the club a couple of days ago .
Could some body tell me where the for sale section is.
Many thanks Mark .

Hi Mark

I have now changed your forum status to club member so log out and back into the forum and you will find it in the members area which should now be visible  Oh... and WELCOME TO THE CLUB :) :)

A brief intro would be nice.. about you... your bike (s) etc    cheers  and we love pictures!!


Also interested in viewing the for sale section.

Are there many USA ads?

Thank you.


--- Quote from: ~JM~ on December 23, 2018, 12:01:32 AM ---Are there many USA ads?

Thank you.

--- End quote ---
I think there is very few (if any) USA for sale adverts.

However it is worth joining our Club for the excellent magazine

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Ebay has a very good for sale selection ;) i use it all the time :) :)


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