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Link for page to join club

 A tip for all members old or new . add you name to your profile in the real name box provided  it makes life easier for us when sorting memberships etc

1, go to your name at the top right of any forum page and click on it
2. in the drop down box that appears click on my account, your profile will appear
3. put the cursor over modify profile and another drop down will appear
 4, click on forum profile in that menu dropdown and put your name in the box at the bottom of the page that says real name
6, click on change profile at the bottom right of the page

You dont need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. Just follow the instructions during sign up and when it takes you to the Paypal payment you choose "checkout as guest" and that allows you to pay by debit/credit card without a Paypal account. Sign up here

cheers Merv  ;D

It's really useful if members add their real names to their profiles  :P :P :P

Hi im a new member just joined trying to work out how to use the site .

Go to Torque introduction , introduce yourself and tells about your bike , etc then roam around the forum , do not open anything with an 18 rating in front of kids or people of a nervous disposition , and do not accept sweets from the moderators  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Hi Merv,
Can you check if i am a paid up member, i did notice i joined last November, if i have not paid  i would like to join.
Kind Regards
ps can you send me the link through


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