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Yamaha RD350. The Model Guide

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The Basic Yamaha RD350 Model Guide


This is a list of the models thru the 350cc range to the best of my knowledge. This list is UK based. Overseas models details may vary.

The Yamaha R5. Around 1971/72. The model pre RD

Yamaha RD350 This is the USA model with the slim line tank

This is the RD350 in Brandy red that appeared in 1973. Most people will call this the A model. Some say its just the plain 250 with no A model letter prefering to call the 1974 model the A. The choice is yours. Some of the very first of the RD range had drum brakes

Yamaha RD350A The 1974 model, just different colours and graphics. You see very few of this variation about today. The early and late models seem to be more popular. There were none at the club rally in 2005 and 2006. The club stand did a complete year by year model line up at the Stafford classic show in 2005. Along with the 250 this model variation was the only one missing..

Yamaha RD350B

1975/76. The last of the 350"s, most common in the UK in Silver.

From 1976 the 350 was replaced by the bigger RD400

However The RD350 did not dissappear forever in 1976. A detuned version of the RD350B was introduced in India under the brand name of Rajdoot in 1983. These machines were delivering 31bhp. Then the decision-makers at the Indian plant had this "idea" of increasing the fuel efficiency of the RD. So one more version hit the roads in the early 1985. This was called the LT (low torque). This machine delivered 26 bhp. But the marquee died because of the mileage concerns. The Indian market (and also the roads) was not yet ready for bikes of RD"s calibre. Sadly till date we have not had a better bike on Indian roads. The last RDs rolled out of the factory in 1989. There still is a community of RD350 enthusiasts in India with the odd member visiting this forum.


The RD350 was too return in 1980 though with a watercooled engine..........

Colours..UK and Europe. some seen in the US as well  1973.. RD350A2.. Brandy RedF2.. Butterfly Blue3469.. M2/GLD..  Gold DustK1.. Competition Green1974.. RD350A  F3.. Brigade Blue (never seen a 350 in this)3469.. M2/GLD.. A8.. Ruby Red1975.. RD350B N3.. Amber Brown 1653.. 63/BR..  Brillant Red N8.. Golden Bronze F7.. High Sparkly Blue G7.. Regal Blue Y1.. Silver Dust

Wot you see above is just a basic guide there are many variations around the world. I will try to add more of the model colours and numbers when I can. If you have any information and details to add then please do so below and I will see wot I can do to add to the listing. If you are new and have a question then please ask via the "tech section" or try the forum "search". Many questions repeat so your answer may already be there. If not or No luck then please ask

according to the above,

Colours..UK and Europe. some seen in the US as well

RD350B N3.. Amber Brown 1653.. 63/BR.. Brillant Red N8.. Golden Bronze F7.. High Sparkly Blue G7.. Regal Blue Y1.. Silver Dust

Dont know if i have ever seen the amber brown/golden bronze or brilliant red over here though

Any colour info for the "73 RD 350. UK or US?

I remember seeing a pic on this site with colour samples but is sort of in the background of an RD400 if think (Can"t find it now that I"m looking for it)

What would be nice are colour chips or profiles from a

period brochure. Period colour codes mean little to the local paint shop.

Anything in your archives Bridlad?

Alyn Vincent:
Just discovered this site & would like to add a few words. In Australia the RD350 was introduced in 1973 & was available only in Red (or Burgundy) with disc brakes & non folding footpegs. I still have my original receipt for $889. The RD350A was introduced in 1974 with folding pegs, different colours & different striping on the tank. These were still fitted with "MPH" speedometers until October 1974 when they became "KPH" units. My current bike is an early 1974 model & I don"t see its colour on the "tank board". The dark metallic green was popular colour here but the striping is also different to what is posted.


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