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workshop manual downloads


here they are for all too download on the tech section now

some of the manuals maybe for the US models which are basically the same but minor details may very

as a rough guide if the manual is in english, french and german it is a europe manual 

I do not take any responsibility for the content of these manual,s they are copies i have found on the net or been passed to me by other members,

I do advise when working on brakes and other parts that concern your safety  please do do with care and if unsure get someone that is too check when you have finished before taking too the road on/in any vehicle

Loads of early small bike manualsHERE

thanks to 250 Drummie

CDi test instructions thanks to Hairy Scotsman

ust found this site on link from another forum

Click that link , then you will see the letters of the alphabet halfway down the page ,

 click the letter for the make of bike you want the manual for ,

 then you will see a choice of makes
,click the make in Y you get Yakima , Yankee and Yamaha ,

so click yamaha ,

 then you will see a load of flags click the union jack for english and then all the manuals list will appear ,

select the bike/manual  you want by clicking the downward pointing arrow to the right of it and you will then have one of those enter the letters code things appear

enter the letters then click download on the box below he code


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