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Cockles in Old Leigh.


Captain Scarlet:
Me and the wife took the bikes out for a spin round today.We went over to Battlesbridge first and parked up at the motorcycle museum while we had a look about and a cup of tea.Then back round my country route of about 30 miles and stopped off at Old Leigh that was busy for some cockles from Osbornes.(Not for me I am not keen on them.)
Nice to give the yds7 a brisk run as I have been using the yr5 mostly recently.

Grey Duck:
I thought you were having cookies!  :-[ :-\  not quite the same thing  ;D
I like your bikes!

Reving Kevin:
We used to live about 10 minutes walk from there, I used to like The Billet and The Peter Boat on quieter evenings. As kids we would play on the mounds of shells out back of the sheds. I'm not keen on the shellfish either, rather have a fish finger sandwich.


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