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Hi, Don't have an RD, just an old cs5, which I water cooled back in 73/4.
I owned a few bikes before the cs5, but was an instant love affair from the moment I saw it.

Astute Greaser:
Welcome GTDWH
I said I liked what you've done, because you could do it! Never seen this done. Don't think I'll do it to my RD200A's 
Was it a kit, part kit or all your own work. Does it have any benefits or does the weight out way. Must be pig to take heads off for cleaning.
The CS5 was the forerunner to the RD, so you saw the need for the LC 15 years before Yamaha  8)

Thanks, all home brew, Dunno if there was ever any kits available, never saw any.
Was alot of work, but the rewards made it all worth while.
Did lot of port work also, so was big increase in performance.
I ran it for quite awhile before I lifted the heads, they were clean as a whistle.
The whole engine runs cooler, not just top end.

It didn't add much weight over a stock bike.

Yeah beat Yamaha to it, was a few years before yamaha got round to it.
Did an RD 250b as well as a few others, even did a Fizzy

Fun times


Welcome to the Forum
What a fabulous project, I'm sure many of us would be interested in the details

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Yes, like that a lot!  Does it still go and, did it make it mechanically quieter?   :)



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