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Suzuki smoke-reducing tech?


I've been helping a friend, who has in addition to a Yamaha YM1 (305cc twin) a Suzuki GT750 triple.
The Suzuki has a feature called SRIS (Suzuki Recycle Injection System), which some say is very effective at reducing the amount of smoke and oil drips from the mufflers.
It's not hugely complicated, using one-way valves from the crank chambers, some pipes and nozzles.
What it does is purge excess oil and fuel from the crank chambers to the top part of the engine.
I'm wondering if anyone might have tried adapting SRIS to a Yamaha, or any other 2 stroke?

It was only used on the early GT380/550/ and 750. Dropped on the later model so probably more of a selling gimmick. (a bit like the Ram Air system.)

That may be the case that it was a gimmick, but there is some enthusiasm for it among GT750 owners.
I'm not likely to be a guinea pig, just wondered if I could be encouraged by previous experimenters.

As an aside, did Yamahas ever have more than one oil injection nozzle per cylinder?
Suzuki had their CCI (Crankcase & Cylinder Injection), that had two.


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