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Sliding down the road.

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Went out on my bike on Saturday and finished up having a far too close encounter with the tarmac.
I was riding down a freshly re-surfaced A road ,I was going round a  steep banked right hander when the bike suddenly slid from under me ! 
Next thing I was sliding down the road in pursuit of the bike, not a nice feeling ! , thinking this is not good. The bike finished up on the grass facing the opposite way, revving it’s nuts off. I quickly got up and shut her off, on close inspection the corner had 2 lines of very fine grit right on the riding line !
I lost a bit of skin on my elbows and knees, broken indicator on bike, bent handlebars tiny dint in tank and one stoved in silencer. Could have been worse I suppose !!!!  >:( :-[ :-[

Astute Greaser:
Unfortunately we all been there, at sometime and feel your frustration, annoyance and a bit of fright.
Thankfully you are okay and no one else involved.
The bike you will get sorted.
Its a closeness to risk that makes us realise we are alive.
I was riding the country lanes around Wotton Under Edge on the Mendips, an area I haven't done before yesterday. The steep hills, narrow lanes with gravel paths in the middle, cow pats, blind bends, potholes as well as on coming lorries etc did make me think, very pretty but ohhh bad choice.
Unfortunately a lot of people only think of 4 wheel users when it comes to the road surface. Farmers, roadworks, Quarries etc fail (or don't care) to realise the hazards for all bikes (including push bikes) that they can create.
You'll get over it, get back on and enjoy summer.

Sorry to hear about your spill Simon, but by the sounds of it you”ll mend and hope that bike can be repaired without to much hassle.

Which bike were you on ?

Where did you have the off.

as long as you are ok is the main thing
what bike was it ?

What were you wearing? Shorts and t shirt?


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