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Suzuki part numbers


Is there a way to decode Suzuki part numbers?

I have a stinger in boxes and part list diagrams.

I seem to remember that Yamaha or Kawasaki have part of the part number for type of part, dimensions, and finish.

Like nut, M6, chrome, or screw, M4, 15mm long, zinc.

Thank you.


I never did get a reply showing a comprehensive list of Yamaha finishes vs character on the part number, either here or from a US forum on which I'm a member.

In answer to your question, yes, Suzuki part numbers may be read in a very similar way to Yamahas.

I'm generalising here, so please forgive me, but the Suzi part numbers are usually two batches of five - ie 99999-99999. For standard parts, the first number of the first batch is 0. The size is shown in the first four characters of the second batch (I'm guessing that the last character is finish type) - eg 01112-06167 is a 16mm long M6 bolt.

If I get a chance later on, I'll scan and post the first couple of pages of an original GT550J/K manual that I have.   

I hope that this helps get you started.

That would be great.

Attached is a breakdown of the Yamaha system from a YAS1 part list.

 Yamaha_part_numbers.pdf (893.89 kB - downloaded 24 times.)

Here we go.

Hope it helps.


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