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My New Little 125 Prospector

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Grey Duck:
I've been half heartedly looking for a little dual sport for some time, I came across this in my area for a price I couldn't ignore.

Around here, this particular example would go for twice what I paid in the condition it's in.

I'm not sure I know exactly what an anorak is (a non-native species in my neck of the woods?) legend has it they would never approve of this bike, the frame is a complete 72 TS125 Duster but the engine was out of a 72 TC125 Prospector. I bought it knowing this.

The main differences between the 2 were the TC Prospector had chrome fenders and a dual range 4 speed transmission and the TS Duster has the fenders I have but a conventional 5 speed gearbox.

The TS/TC's were fairly popular in the US back in the 70's. After a few years of hard riding & poor maintenance the piston eventually holed and these little gems then had the indignity of leaning against a tree in the back yard until they were swallowed by the tree or the ground.
I've always wanted a Hi/Lo TC just because they were kind of an oddball and I do need a trail bike.

Complete bikes in this area now easily go for over $1200 not running, runners go for at least twice that.

When I say I "bought" this bike it's more like I rescued it from the PO. He somehow acquired this and another 125 from someone, I'm sure he told me the story in detail but I really wasn't listening.  ::)

What I do know is if the guy could have gotten this one running he would have holed the piston or worse, the 2T tank was full but not hooked up. The fuel went right through the carb to the crankcase and straight into the gearbox.....
He was really clueless but his phone was ringing off the hook with savvy bargain shoppers from all over the midwest, they really wanted this bike.

My first impressions, besides it being a hermaphrodite, is it is nearly complete having any of the hard to find bits in good useable condition. The engine  has good compression. Gears and clutch work as does the hi/lo gear, carburetor is all there. Brakes work and the cables are all free.

It completely failed the leak down test so new oil seals are on order, the wiring is in good nic (6volt system) but there are other issues I will have to sort out.
It needs a new headlight and I'd like to get an original taillight. The magneto/ignition system parts are readily available.
It's going to need some cleaning.

If I can get it going with new seals I'll keep putzing with it otherwise I'll put it on the back burner until winter for a complete overhaul, I mean come on, it's riding season don't ya know...

Cheers! Mike


Nice little project for you there then!

Regarding the brakes, regardless of whether or not they work, and unless you know that they have been replaced recently, best to replace both sets of shoes. Old ones will eventually de-laminate and lock the wheels. :o :o :o

I look forward to updates.


love these bikes, her is my 74 TS.

Love it!!!!!!!!!!

I had a 100cc version, those exhausts just look the dogs doodads don't they, almost bought a 400 version recently just because I like the look of the exhaust, I bought a RD250LC instead, still on my wanted list though, 1 day.

2 strokes starting to get under your skin now aye Mike, I would say you had the better engine there myself, I am sure you could pick up a TS engine easier and cheaper than a TC engine.

Hope some seals fix it and you can get out on it  8) 8)

Your mates would have envied you back in the day and when its back on the road they will again. A find looking bike.


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