Author Topic: Two Stroke RD250LC Cat and Fiddle, Matlock Monyash an the Peak District  (Read 72 times)

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Rd250lc!!! Had an amazing day out yesterday :)

Started off on the cat and fiddle then Headed off into the Peak District on board footage on my 250lc.

Then some of dad on his Gsxr following my Elsie,

Monyash for food and to check out all the other classics then Matlock then back to Monyash

An a cool stop in a place called Little Longstone where I talked about the trip about 250 miles or so of tiny country roads super fun!

Never put the camera on dad's Gsxr 750 before, sorry for the wind noise it's cool to see though how the LC really pulls through the bends from behind she's super at home on those tight twisties, plenty of go on the straights as well though.

No music on this one the Elsie in the band is music enough :)

Hope you all enjoy still getting used to making videos on my ol' 2009 computer haha.

Gonna miss my Elsie when she's gone owned her for so long now.

Itching to get started on my other one though that I've had since I was 16 I'm 30 now :) out again on Friday with my dad's bro on his Kettle!
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Enjoyed the video, she goes well and sounds great  8)
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