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I had to buy me the SAME RD125DX from 1976 ...
« on: March 14, 2019, 09:31:16 AM »
... i could not help it - i just had to buy me the SAME RD125DX from 1976 - which was my first bike in 1979
(even as i had later a RD 250 from 1978 etc) - it's all about the "first love" for the first REAL Bike:

So i've found one in a Museum (with Lots of other nice RDs, R5, R7, RD 250, XS650) - which is 2nd Hand and only 11 Tsd. genuine km on it - mostly driven by a Lady  - and than stored in the Museum for decades -

It's a real Time-Warp -NEVER restored, perfekt chrome and Paintwork - all original ... like in 1976  :P

Of course, there are a few things to fix:

firstly: the Kick starter doens not engage every time/ it might even slip on the shaft under the kickstart-lever -
i have to find that out ... s/o knows a replacement set for the kick-start-mechanism ?

plus the front brake has 43 (!) y/o ORIGINAL pads still mounted / brakes ... well You could imagine - veeeeeeery poor indeed!

also - the Master cylidner is leaking slightly - does anyone know the proper "Restauration Kit" for the brake/pads for me pls- ?

lt does also have some sorts of Gremlins in the electrics:
 when i pull the front brake - the instrument lights come on (but no brake lights !) - if i switch on the main lights in the night, the Brake light works, but the instrument lights go off? Any idea?
 s/o got a wiring diagram of that bike /1976/ or Maintenance manual for me - to trozbleshoot ?

... otherwise, i runs like a gem - despite using almost 7-8 l/100km whilst driven home on the Autobahn at 110 km/h for hours ... - plus the 2Stroke Oil tank was (almost or even totally ?) empty when i arrived home after 450 km - could it have used 1l of 2Stroke Oil on only 450 km (full trottle that was ...) engine stil runs great -no mechanical issues ;-)

all in all- fantastic ride, brings back the BIG smile in my face (just not my good looks & long Pink-Floyd-Look-alike hairs from that era ;))- just like on the school-Yard back in 1979 - and i like this little screamer way more than my later RD 250s and RD 400s - as i own half a dozend heavier bikes as well - so, it's pure fun for me - the perfect Ding-de-Ding "Get-Around-Town-Bike" for this summer ;-))
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Should have made an offer for the whole collection :)

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Yes, i could have bought some other bikes there too - but i don't have the room for 'em -
and the other (bigger) bikes don't "do the kick" for me - exept that classic/ very original/low miles XS 650 probably - but that Gem unfortuneately wasn't for sale ...

... and even my later "bigger RDs "- like my brandnew RD 250DX from 1978- see Pic below - don't have the charme the little Screamer/Gepard 125DX has for me  - as i do already own enough "fast bikes" ...

so it had to be the little one i had 40 years ago - in exact that colour !
(btw.: the guy with his "beefy CB125 Twin" -with its mechanical (!) Disc -  :D ) is also still befriended with me - after all those years  :D
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Should have made an offer for the whole collection :)
Judging by the bike shed think you're well on your way to having that Museum, but a living working Museum!
Vor Neid grĂ¼n - Green with envy :D