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Great Comments From a New Member
« on: October 17, 2018, 08:01:54 AM »
Thought I would post these comments from a new member who joined the club (as a full member) because of you guys that made her feel welcome..

"Thank you to the members who made me welcome at their bbq camping establishment ...  I enjoyed it so much I joined your Club even though I don't have an aircooled RD, I do have a watercooled R1 which is also cooled down by the air passing through the radiator lol...  I will attend your events next year ."

" Yours is the nicest Club I've come across.  Very genuine 'nice' people with no egos, just lovely lads & lasses.
I love my Yamaha R1, but I also have a Yamaha 49cc rev & go Rossi replica paddock scooter, with Brembo disc brakes for God's sake!!!  It's slow, but so much fun.  My Honda CB750/4 is also cool and not fast, but very sentimental to me.  Joining in with your Club on a couple of events you run is well worth my membership and I know some need some camping fees, but that isn't a prob.
I even got two strangers to join when hanging around your stall, Mr. & Mrs. Robinson and someone else lol...  I'm a good sales woman....   I just love bikes, but I was always a weird child....
Karen Wicks
RD Appreciation fan....
I can't remember you, I can only remember Robin, Mick & the Chef with their lovely wives and some others I can't remember, but we were drinking lol...."

Well done guys and gals !!!

cheers Paul
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Re: Great Comments From a New Member
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 10:46:44 AM »
My sentiments entirely. There are a lot of clubs/forums which are infested by idiots who know nothing, offer nothing and add nothing. I think because we are kids of the 70's we have had to cope and learn how to sort our bikes because in the day there was no other way or money for us to get them sorted, well certainly in my case. We grew up learning and offering advice to our mates.
Now we have moved on a little we still keen on our "teen" bikes and relive our past!!! I love it!! :) :) ;D And we love a piss up too and camping!!
Just keep riding.