Author Topic: crankcase seal - What to use instead of yamabond no - 4, or whatever it is...  (Read 2701 times)

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I seem to remember reading that yamabond no-4 (or 6?) isn't sold any more, what's the best stuff to use ?

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there are loads of sealents out there , three bond is still available and is the stuff yamaha used there are two types either will do, hylomar, trouble with that its blue also hermatite even yukier colours there is a silver one you can get, welseal thats brown , you need one that dont look a mess after you done the job ,just look on ebay and you will find it a lot cheaper than shops and bike  shops who charge £30 quid a tube some geezer sells it on ebay for a tenner so just get threebond
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I use Threebond 1211 for case sealing stays flexible and easy to clean up, 1104 goes a bit hard for my liking.
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