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Evening All,
I have had a few people ask me about their pm inbox only showing received messages and they have no record of what they have sent etc. By default the pm screen " hides " the full menu. To activate the full menu there are two small arrow look a like symbols to the top right of your inbox. Click those and a new menu should appear down the left side of your inbox with lots more options such as Sent Items etc.

Hope that helps ?

Barrie  8) 8)

Angel Grinder:
Hi, I was just thinking the same, so I checked this thread to see how to solve the issue. I found the extra menu and clicked on sent items but it just came up empty, saying 'no messages'. I guess it doesn't count replies as sent items. I've just had an exchange of messages on the subject VIN checks and dating, with Paul Dawkins and a couple of times I wanted to look back and make sure I'd given him all the correct details. I'm fine with that particular conversation now but I'd still like to be able to look back on my replies within a PM conversation.

Hi Nino,

Just sorted it for you for the future. You have to set this in your Profile. Under Personal Messaging there is a tick box that you have to activate to allow the PM system to save copies of your messages to your Sent Items box. It will not show any you have sent in the past but now I have corrected it for you it will always save them in the future for you. I also set it so you will get a pop up screen to let you know you have a new pm.

If anyone else reading this has not already done this and need copies of sent messages saving then now you know how to !!

Hope that helps.

Barrie  8) 8)

Angel Grinder:
Great, Thanks for that. I've gone into that menu now so I'll know how to change stuff in future. I guess I should have looked properly in the first place (as I'm always telling the kids!).

My precious:
For the last few days my message notifications constantly informs me I have 1 unread message....... I have searched for this message but cannot find it and there seems to be no "jump to" the unread message................ Clicking on any of the "My message [1]", or "Messages [1] or "Inbox [1]" anywhere just takes me back to the inbox....again.......... with no unread messages showing or highlighted.


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