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Okay Guys. Whilst you have all been stuffing your faces with turkey and mince pies I have been sorting out the "TECH" section on the website. Its not all converted and uploaded yet but link is there along with around 10 extra pages - more to follow. I kept it in the "style" of the new design.

Hope you all likey ?

Barrie  8) 8) 8)

nice one Barrie  8)
don't forget to eat your turkey

Great stuff  Barrie,  :) :)
now pull up a beer and crack open the armchair and relax tis christmas,  :D :D :D :D

Brilliant Info, may be an idea to specify that some sections are based on the RD400 model etc to save confusion,

Nice one

I just copied the info from the old technical section so anyone please feel free to let me know what needs editing so it is presented in a better way ? There are a lot more technical minded guys on here than me where the bikes are concerned !


Barrie  8)


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