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My finest hour

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After much head scratching and trying to work out if it was at all possible. I wrote a program that went through all 170,000 posts and picked up all the links to the old 29000 old images that had URL`s pointing to the old server so nobody could actually see them on the new forum. The program "changed" all the old links to point to where the images are now stored on my server. The techies amongst you will know how difficult this is.

I was determined to get this to work as all the old restorations are so valuable and without pictures almost useless. If you noticed the forum going slightly slower today this is why as my new program was working away in the background - my apologies.

Good news is it bloody well worked !!!!  :) ;D :o 8) :P

All old images now restored.


and next weeks lottery numbers are....................... ;D

Well done

Hairy Scotsman:
Top Man -  :-*

that's brilliant Barrie as you say the old images are really valuable in the restoration threads  :D :D :D

Top job Barrie. That was some serious programming stuff.

--- Quote from: Hairy Scotsman on October 07, 2012, 04:50:02 PM ---Top Man -  :-*

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Hey, my turn now :-*



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