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Who is doing what job?
« on: March 07, 2010, 01:57:53 PM »

The project was only released on the forum at 9.30 am Thursday and the jobs were very quickly snapped up.

This just goes to show what a fantastic club we have and how we can all pull together to make this bike special at very little cost to us all.

Sorry if I have missed anyone but I was not expecting so much interest so quick and some members will be disappointed they have not got parts to restore but we had to give out the jobs on a first come first served basis

Thanks to everyone for your generous support and I cant wait to see our special bike at a show in the future.

Del is in charge of adding the progress in WellaRD and keeping a restoration diary of all the work from start to finish.

He will also try to feature the bike in magazines like MCN and CMM etc. He is also doing his magic on the brake discs (Wiltshire)

Marnew has volunteered to rebuild the bike with the restored parts and also make a set of custom one off special spannies.

He will also customise the frame in anyway we like. (Essex)

Gazzatt2 has volunteered to strip and rebuild the engine (Essex)

Custom Painter has volunteered to do a custom paint job, supply another fuel tank, blast and paint the frame. (Kent)

Sfbrain is stripping, ultrasonically cleaning and rebuilding the carbs and painting the engine covers in PJ1. He has also said he can get the fuel tank signed by any 2010 MotoGP rider and he is relaying the engine to Gazzatt2 from Kent to Essex. (Kent)

Andy2bikes has volunteered to blast and paint all the black parts, IE seat base, clocks, chain guard, headlight ears, headlight bowl, engine mount brackets etc. (Nottingham)

NSRnick is stripping and rebuilding the brakes and the front forks. (Derbyshire)

Scot man collecting the parts from Southampton for andy2bikes and NSRnick and delivering them. (Derbyshire)

RDLY is doing the lock set so one key fit?s all (Essex)

Dave@TSR is doing the vapour blasting and we are using his premises as a delivery point for the relay of parts. (Kent)

Rdjock is restoring the indicators. (Scotland)

Merv is restoring the switchgear and CDI and supplying swing arm grease nipples and ignition switch decal, foot rest pins and a fuel cap seal. (Devon)

Edrfranklin is rebuilding the Wiring Loom (Devon)

Johnny is supplying a new set of rear shocks and a front mudgaurd (Yorkshire)

Moist (RD breaker) is sorting all the zinc plating and supplying missing fixings where possible and will supply an engine gasket set. (Oxfordshire)

Panuno has said he will machine any parts we need making (Suffolk)

Ozzy has said he will machine any parts we need (Kent)

Shadowfax (Derby) and Skinn (Horsham) have volunteered to move parts around.

Granite has offered to do some metal polishing if required and some parts deliveries. (Sheffield)

DaveH is stripping and rebuilding the oil pump (Southampton)