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Restorations Diary / Re: ReD400e
« Last post by 2r9 on Today at 03:40:55 PM »
You know when you've been Tangoed.
Restorations Diary / Re: ReD400e
« Last post by stukey on Today at 12:24:49 PM »
I like the colour :) :)
Out And About / Essex - first trail ride in ages
« Last post by PB1 on Today at 12:19:31 PM »
Yesterday I took my newly acquired 125cc lightweight trail bike out on a 100+mile route, 23 miles of which were off-road. Although having done Enduro some years ago, I've not done this type of riding for many years now and, with my advancing years, big off-road bikes are too heavy for me now. The little bike was perfect for the job!

I live the other side of Colchester and had planned and marked up a route using an OS Landranger map 168.  It took in most of the Colne Valley, mainly in a triangle made up of Colchester/Halstead/Coggeshall.  There are a surprising number of BOATs (Byways Open to All Traffic... which used to be just called green lanes when I was a lad), small lanes and many other "white" roads that can legally be ridden. With the map in a Enduro style map-holder on the tank, I was off on a mini-adventure!

Best of all, I was able to ride the 6 mile green lane from Greenstead Green (where I grew up) to Coggeshall, which we used to ride our old Bantams and clapped-out Villiers powered wrecks along when we were youngsters.  It was very nostalgic and a great joy to relive those rides from 50 odd years ago.

I met no "anti-biker" rants from any ramblers, dog walkers, etc - all were very pleasant and gave me a wave as I rode carefully past. I found that if you are considerate of other people they will be likewise to you.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.... All in all it was a very pleasant day out, and I would really recommend to anyone to do similar if you have a suitable bike.  Doing it in summer, especially weather like this, guarantees dry ground and none of that energy sapping mud-plugging you'd get in winter.  Hopefully, I'll be out again soon, on another planned route further to the north of me.
Having carbon build up between the spark plug electrodes, to the extent that it bridges the gap and causes a short circuit, is called "carbon whiskering".
A suggested fix for engines that had this happen often was to cut back the ground electrode so that it extends only slightly over the centre electrode.
You can maintain the proper spark points gap, but it is much harder for carbon build up to become a problem.

Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Rebore recommendations
« Last post by OZZYSBIKES on Today at 11:39:50 AM »
HI 5PORT, thanks, does Mick abbey also do rebores or just the porting ?
Is Thornaby in the North east ?
Restorations Diary / Re: ReD400e
« Last post by Blueyfarm on Today at 11:03:30 AM »
Tank is same scheme as oil tank so generally very red!
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: New member intro
« Last post by Frankie 2 sheds on Today at 11:03:18 AM »
missed one
Restorations Diary / Re: ReD400e
« Last post by 5port on Today at 10:58:25 AM »
What colour is the tank then?  :-\


Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: New member intro
« Last post by Frankie 2 sheds on Today at 10:57:18 AM »
Thanks for the welcome, I've posted a few pics minus the sheds. The rd as I bought it, in progress pics, and my last project an XS750, before and after. I intend to build the rd as a sort of cafe/naked type with inverted front forks and a mono shock rear end and different wheels blah blah. That's the plan fingers crossed. When building the XS I joined the xs750 members site which became invaluable to me, without them I would have been f##cked. Hopefully I can lean on you guys too.......Frank
Restorations Diary / ReD400e
« Last post by Blueyfarm on Today at 10:51:43 AM »
Started in 1978 Armco Engineering specialised in the tuning, servicing and building of bespoke motorcycles with an emphasis on Yamaha two-strokes – namely RD250 and RD400 models.

In those days the attitude was “I can, so why not...” little thought was given at the time to the future value of so many now hard to obtain parts!

The original intention was to build “factory standard” ReD400 from new parts, easily sourced through contacts at Rafferty Newman of Southsea and Gambier Reeks of London;  both Yamaha main dealers supplied the company with numerous new parts on a regular basis.

AKJ 828T was acquired 30th April 1982 (with a seized engine due to lack of oil) - so less than 4 years old when purchased.

Like so many other bikes at the time it would be used as a donor bike for parts and other projects, however due to the low mileage it was decided that the frame from AKJ would be used for the ReD project.

New Yamaha parts were purchased to build most of the bike and catalogued and stored until needed.

In 1984 a donor bike was purchased with just 4,599 miles recorded, most of the major components were used on other jobs but as the engine was in an “as new” condition so at that point assembly could be started.

Most of the build took place between 1986 and 1987, using only new genuine Yamaha components, no pattern parts except battery, rear shock absorbers, chain, rear sprocket and tyres were used.

All of the major components were stove enamelled signal red then clear coated, this is a traditional process very different to powder coating, and due to its “wet” application needs to be skilfully applied but offers unrivalled durability and protection.

The chosen signal red (537) colour is BS381C so easily matched in different paint types. The yellow detail is 309 Canary and the orange is a 2:1 mix of red & yellow.

Parts used in this build are as follows but this is not an exhaustive list.

New Genuine Yamaha parts fitted:

  • Front fork left hand – complete (2R8-23101-00)
    Front fork right hand – complete (2R8-23101-00)
    Front fork tube outer left (2R8-23126-00-38)
    Fork tube outer right (2R8-28136-00-38)
    Bottom yoke (2R8-23340-00-33)
    Top yoke (2R8-23435-00-98)
    Handlebar clamps upper (1E6-23441-10-98)
    Handlebar clamps lower (1E6-23442-00)
    Handlebars (2R8-26111-20)
    Right hand handlebar switch (2R8-83975-00)
    Left hand handlebar switch (2R8-83972-00)
    Clutch lever bracket 214-83912-00)
    Clutch lever (214-83912-00)
    Throttle twist grip tube (1A0-26243-01)
    Accelerator cable (1A0-26260-00)
    Right hand handlebar rubber (1A0-26242-01)
    Left hand handlebar rubber (1E6-26241-00)
    Right hand mirror (1J7-26290-02)
    Front brake hose (2R8-25872-20)
    Front brake master cylinder (1A0-25850-02)
    Front brake lever (1T3-83922-00)
    Front brake calliper – complete (2R8-25810-00)
    Front wheel – complete (2A2-25168-20)
    Rear wheel – complete (2A2-W2533-20)
    Brake discs (1J3-25831-50)
    Speedo drive (404-25191-00)
    Front mudguard (1A0-21510-02-93)
    Headlight shell (1A0-84330-60-33)
    Headlight rim (1A2-84315-45)
    Headlight (1A2-84320-46)
    Left front indicator (360-83310-71-93)
    Right front indicator (360-83310-71-93)
    Speedo (1A0-83570-41)
    Speedo cable (2L0-83550-00)
    Rev counter - tacho (1A0-83540-02)
    Rev counter cable (360-83560-01)
    Warning light bracket (1A0-83519-01)
    Warning light box (1J3-83568-71)
    Wire harness assembly (2R8-82590-80)
    Rectifier regulator assembly (2J2-81960-A0)
    Flasher cancelling unit (1A0-83395-02)
    CDI unit (2R8-85540-50)
    Coil pack & lead assembly (2R8-82310-50)
    Air filter housing joint pipe (1A0-14419-01)
    Air filter housing upper (1A0-14411-00)
    Air filter housing top (1A0-14412-00)
    Air filter housing body front (1A0-14431-00)
    Air filter housing body rear (1A0-14441-00)
    Air duct (1A0-14437-00)
    Air filter element (1A0-14451-00)
    Air filter to carb rubbers – joint (1A0-14452-01)
    Carb inlet tube (1A0-14453-01)
    Inlet manifolds (2R9-13565-00)
    Inlet clips (278-14455-00) (90460-49058)
    Reed valve assembly left (2R9-13610-00)
    Reed valve assembly right (2R9-13610-00)
    Carburettor pipe work
    Left hand footrest bracket (2R8-27411-00-33)
    Right hand footrest bracket (2R8-27412-00-33)
    Footrest rubbers (1A0-27413-00)
    Passenger footrest rubbers (120-27433-00)
    Oil tank (1A0-21751-00-36)
    Oil tank filler and pipe work
    Seat (1A2-24730-Y1)
    Seat tailpiece (1A2-24756-00-36)
    Left hand seat strip (1A2-24785-20-36)
    Right hand seat strip (1A2-24785-10-36)
    Right hand side panel (1A1-21721-00-26)
    Gear lever (2R8-18111-00-93)
    Kick-start crank (2R8-15611-00-93)
    Kick-start boss (1A1-15621-00)
    Kick-start rubber (156-15618-01)
    Left hand carburettor (2R9-14101-00)
    Right hand carburettor (2R9-14102-00)
    Carb balance pipe (2R9-14465-00)
    Left hand engine casing (1A1-15411-01)
    Alternator cover (1A0-15415--00)
    Clutch adjuster cover (1A0-15417-00)
    Crankcase cover right (1A0-15421-00)
    Oil pump cover (1A0-15416-00)
    Left hand head (2R9-11311-00)
    Right hand head (2R9-11321-00)
    Head nuts (2R8-11171-00) (90179-08026)
    Head nut plate (2R8-11175-00) (90201-12362)
    Crankshaft assembly (2R9-11400-00)
    AC generator assembly (2R8-81400-50)
    Clutch assembly (2R9-16301-00)
    Primary drive gear; clutch basket (2R9-16150-00) - 66T
    Oil pump assembly (2R9-13101-00)
    Left hand exhaust down pipe (2R9-14611-00)
    Right hand exhaust down pipe (2R9-14621-00)
    Exhaust flexible rubber seals (2R8-14615-00)
    Exhaust fixing ring (2R8-14612-00)
    Rear mudguard stay (1A0-21645-10)
    Rear mudguard (1A0-21610-11-93)
    Side stand (1A0-27311-00-33)
    Centre stand (278-27111-00)
    Rear brake calliper complete (2R8-25810-50)
    Rear brake pipe (2R8-25872-50)
    Rear brake master cylinder (2R8-25850-5x)
    Rear brake fluid reservoir (1A1-25894-01)
    Rear brake pedal (1A1-21721-00-26)
    Swing arm complete (2R8-22110-00-33)
    Swing arm pivot shaft (2R8-22141-00)
    Front sprocket (17T) (1A1-17461-70)
    Swing arm bushes and collars
    Chain guard (1A0-22311-00-33)
    Tool tray (1A0-21107-00)
    Battery hold down rubber strap (122-82131-00)
    Battery box (1A0-21170-01-03)
    Left hand rear indicator (533-83330-40-93)
    Right hand rear indicator (533-83330-40-93)
    Rear light unit (1U4-84710-70)
    Rear light bracket (1U4-84751-20-33)
    Rear light wire harness (2R8-84717-00)
Non- Yamaha new parts fitted:

  • Rear Koni shock absorbers
    Chain(DID ZVMX 530 Gold “x” ring (96L)
    Micron exhausts MCY15
    Dunlop tyres
    Yuasa battery 12N5.5A-3B
    Rear sprocket (38T)

An emerging I/T market forced a career change and in the late 80’s the company closed. ReD400 was kept unused in a private collection until early 2018, when it was decided to resurrect the project.

The bike was stripped, cleaned, checked and re-commissioned for use. The engine was taken out and as a precautionary measure the crankshaft was re-built and balanced using new bearings, con-rods, crank pins, big end bearings, thrust washers, all four main bearings, centre labyrinth and outer oil seals.

The heads were re-bored and new pistons fitted due to some oxidisation from storage and lack of use. New gaskets were used throughout and most oil seals renewed.

All gearbox components were checked and found to be in “perfect” condition.

Currently as follows and nearing completion to running very soon:[/font][/size]

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