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Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Running in advice?
« Last post by striker1423 on Today at 01:59:16 AM »
Ride it. 500 below 4000 rpm must have been a chore.
May be running weak then?  140's for un-baffled air cleaner
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: HIGGSPEED EXHAUSTS 350b 1975
« Last post by Poutie on March 25, 2019, 11:33:52 PM »
Unfortunately it doesn’t, my brother also bought a set for his 350b at same time but we have not fitted his yet. It will be interesting to see if he still has same problem. My local mechanic ended up making up a small bracket that fixed the issue.

BTW the bike has now been on the Dyno and it makes 43bhp. Main jets and pilot are standard 105 and 25 but clip on 5L3 needles is on 5th rather than standard 4th one down. The air connectors are fitted to the 522 carbs and running into air box but I am running an unbaffled filter rather than standard baffled on. The bike runs really sweet and will rev right round to 9,000rpm with ease and is very smooth and pulls nicely from low down.
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: Disc caliper piston and seals
« Last post by RDDave on March 25, 2019, 11:00:34 PM »
I would say more than likely a rogue one, i had same issue last year with a yambits one, did same as you and measured against original and quite a difference so put it in the "brand new but no use pile"... >:(  bought another from Nick and even though it measured a fraction bigger it seems ok. I'm sure Nick will be keen to get the problem sorted.
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Running in advice?
« Last post by Yammy 38 on March 25, 2019, 10:50:07 PM »
OK - advice please. Just done 500 miles on a new rebore. Kept it below 4000 rpm and did not labour the engine. Any advice what next ? When can I go more rpm.  Been running standard oil pump. First tank was with a premix.
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: Disc caliper piston and seals
« Last post by 76rd200 on March 25, 2019, 10:41:00 PM »
Slight rub mark in the bore but dont think it will cause an issue as the piston only really runs in the seal.
Bought the piston and seals from nsrnick  rdbitz.  Have emailed him about the piston size, just waiting for a reply. Hopefully just a bad piston and will get it swapped for the right size. Weather is changing and want to get it back on the road.
The Piston Broke / Re: Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Latest Issue
« Last post by Comms Guy on March 25, 2019, 09:24:43 PM »
It's sorted now Tez ::) ::) ::)
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Carbs
« Last post by stigg on March 25, 2019, 09:18:10 PM »
Cheers, it starts ok with choke and after a little while it ticks over without choke ok, pulling away seems a bit sluggish, as if you need to slip the clutch, but it once going it revs ok and is smooth at about 50mph in top, smokes a bit when pushed but when cruising is clear.  As you slow down it seems to over run a bit but when you stop id ticks over ok. I quickly checked the mixture screws and they were different so i set them at one and a half turns out but i think i will check the slides and throttle screws before i take it out .
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Wiring Diagram for RD 350?
« Last post by Barnett on March 25, 2019, 08:12:15 PM »
Is it a usa one? age? If usa there is an excellent diagram about somewhere,
couple of mistakes in it though.
Pump is off the bike - tried mole grips, not really enough to get a purchase on. Popping round a mates later as he has a pillar drill which was his 1st suggestion.

Plenty of room for a hacksaw to cut a slot though!
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