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I’m in the same place just rebuilt my clutch and ready for dry weather which may not happen this weekend ????
The firework display has stopped :)
Hopefully get out and test it tomorrow,
Restorations Diary / Re: RD250C rebuild (snakes and ladders )
« Last post by Foy(notFox) on Today at 03:28:55 PM »

I'm sure your original oil pump pins will turn up at some point in the future, these things always do.
Good luck with the Jersey DVLC

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Thanks Motty. The pins must be in the barn somewhere but I've forensically searched about 20' round where I thought they pinged a couple of years ago. They could be in the walls I guess. There's a lot of nooks and crannies  :D

I'll be well chuffed if I get something back from Jersey. Afaik I won't actually need it for the NOVA application but I feel like I'll only get one stab at that so it's best to have as much info as I can. Someone who works for Customs told me there's no chance they'll have record of my transaction at Poole docks which is a shame as that would be perfect documentation but I've got a feeling Jersey will reply at least
The Piston Broke / Re: Bargains are still out there!
« Last post by 5port on Today at 03:24:17 PM »
Mark, that is a good result!  Unless you are buying off an unknowing old widow, or beating someone well down on price, you just got a good price! 
No sane person wants to be a scrooge though!    ;)  Cheers

Restorations Diary / Re: RD250C rebuild (snakes and ladders )
« Last post by Foy(notFox) on Today at 03:23:48 PM »
Interesting.. I have got an "M23" on a '72 made RD350  351 frame and a "D03" on a '75-'76 made RD250 1A2 frame.   ???


Really? That's more info to break the code lol.

Is this on the top-tube? Seems a bit strange that my C model and yours would have different systems but good to know that the letter/number thing appears elsewhere
says no silly offers but a realistic starting price might be a good start
The old avon sm's I remember them well... we all thought they were the nuts then the tt100's came along and rendered them obsolete

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Other 2 strokes / Re: My 1979 Suzuki TS 125 ERT with only 3,200 miles.
« Last post by steveoj on Today at 02:14:20 PM »
can confirm cable position and should have a little wire hoop that fixes to the exhaust trim fixing screw to keep it from touching the exhaust
Think the geometry detail changes are actually caused by the tyre size differences. 

You may well be right - the tyre change could cause the change in trail, but there are so many differences between the Canadian and other bikes (including the front forks) to suggest that there was more than just a tyre change going on.

However, all the OP wanted to know was, which is the correct front tyre, and I think we are agreed that Yamaha approved the use of a 3.25 or 3.00 on a 1.85 rim, subject to the fitment conditions, as you point out.


PS  Continuing my distraction (of playing RDs rather then gardening), I went to check my own 250C.  It has the correct 3.00 on a correct 1.60 rim at the front, and a 4.10  (3.25 for England) on a 1.85 (correct for England - don't know about Scotland, Wales or NI!) rear.  Perhaps Mervin owned my RD at one time!

Doubtful both my 76 250B and 78 250D have not been taxed since 1984 , everyone fitted the rodrunners or TT100,s back in the day , except old grandads on honda CD175,s who fitted Avon safety mileage tyres which where square , only fit for sidecars really

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