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Restorations Diary / Re: YDS7 resto projet hopefully😳
« Last post by ggreen1959 on Today at 03:26:24 PM »
Is it all there?

I would re-assemble and use it first before deciding how far to go. As Foy says, check engine and clean carbs. Make sure fork seals are good. Quick rub and rattle can the black bits then re-assemble. Check all wiring and get it running.

As you use it do a bit at a time and at least you have a bike to use and enjoy.
You don’t need to buy one, the best can be downloaded as pdfs or viewed as threads on here.
Restorations Diary / Re: YDS7 resto projet hopefully😳
« Last post by joolsuk on Today at 02:38:18 PM »
I couldnt agree more with all the guys here as they have expertise on these projects.
Ill be honest as it looks in better condition than my bike now ..... , id ride it. ASAP.
(Unless you are lucky enough to have 2 RD's)

Get it mechanically as perfect as you can - tuning wise , saftey wise and get on it. That
alone will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Looks like it is no MOT/Tax required
so ideal.

You would also have an idea of the bikes minor niggles and you can choose to sort them now
(like stripped threads etc) or later.

More pictures please ! and status !
In the workshop manual it states the rejection criteria. You will need a DTI to measure.

Thanks, I have a DTI but no good workshop manual. Is this a good option?

If the bottom end has just done too much work you can often feel slight play on the generator side even before the engine is anywhere close to going pop. So whilst it’s not easy to tell if the bottom end is ok. It is possible to check if things have got very bad.

I’d also say that once you’ve taken an engine apart a couple of times it much easier to wip it out and have a check than it is to spend weeks/months worrying about one thing or another.
In the workshop manual it states the rejection criteria. You will need a DTI to measure.
Forum and Membership Issues / Re: Like Button
« Last post by ggreen1959 on Today at 12:26:04 PM »
Forum and Membership Issues / Like Button
« Last post by Admin on Today at 12:20:21 PM »
Due to popular request and for all those lazy Faceache users who cannot be bothered to reply to a post but agree/disagree with the post you should now see a "like" button on all posts. You cannot, naturally, "like" your own posts so do not worry when you post and do not see the button on your own post, everyone else can. Once members start using this feature stats will build up and hopefully prove interesting reading. You will see a "like stats" tab at the in the menu top of the page and under your Avatar a "show likes notification" link also.

Enjoy  :P :P :P
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: RD250D Reg/Rec Problems
« Last post by ggreen1959 on Today at 12:15:30 PM »
Is this RD250 electrical problem day, haha
My 250D is not charging at all

We need a charging system diagnostics thread!! The manual, download, covers it quite well.

Checked charging and only getting 12.9V at 4000rpm, so somthings wrong. No power for the indicators if the headlight is used and battery discharges quickly. It runs ok with no load on the electrics.

Well I checked my diode pack last night as per the thread and diode No 5 is short circuit which explains it all.  :(  Ordered chinky chonky replacement off ebay from Ireland so will fix next week I hope. I'll write it up with photos.

Just hoping the regulator and battery haven't suffered too much.  :(
You would hear the terrible rumble and your seals would probablle leak - air in on the left side/ oil in on the right - so I think you'd know and the oil level would go down with accompanying smoke.

Only real way to ckeck would be to check run out/end float on the end of the crank.

Members on here have huge knowledge, but I don't they fail a lot!!?
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