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Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Mysterious leftover parts
« Last post by Orange350 on Today at 03:42:48 PM »
Thanks so much for all the help guys really appreciate it. I got a couple more but I will do my due diligence before I ask.
Right I had this issue back in the 80's on my 250 D and never fully discovered what EXACTLY it was but I managed to obtain a second hand set of replacement gears and shafts, swopped them over and cured whatever it was. Bike got stolen about 2 years later  >:( :o :(
Indeed, pulled them in with a bit of threaded bar and the washer trick.
I did the same upgrade.
To avoid the strip, clean and regrease burden - i drilled a hole in the middle of the axle tube to carry grease to the inside. Then notched the tube with a dremel like the spiral on the bearings in your first picture. That will then carry the grease to the middle of each bearing.

The Piston Broke / Re: very nice 400e on eb
« Last post by Adeyone on Today at 01:43:20 PM »

Its now sold!!

Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: 73 RD350 Wiring Pic
« Last post by Adeyone on Today at 01:35:08 PM »
I think there is a wiring location diagram in the rear of the Official Yamaha Worshop / Service Manual for 1973/1974 with instructions on how to install the looms and cables, speedo and tacho cable etc.
Highly recommend getting a copy of that manual.

Restorations Diary / Re: Elsie 2
« Last post by tony2stroke on Today at 01:00:22 PM »
did that paint stripper turn out to be any good, if it was can you post a link please.
Other 2 strokes / yr5 starting
« Last post by poggy on Today at 12:43:17 PM »
when starting yr5 rear light flashes on , any ideas ?? 
Skill centre / Re: Excess vibration
« Last post by 5port on Today at 11:40:35 AM »
Yes, like your work there Robert!  I clean-up any damage to the taper and lap the rotor onto it with grinding paste.  This works very well and shows where the seating is good.  Not had one fail to clean up, so far.  Were the clutch steel plates correctly "balanced"?  Cheers

Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Mysterious leftover parts
« Last post by 5port on Today at 11:29:19 AM »
I have several parts left over from my rebuild that despite searching rd 350 parts i cannot figure out what they are too.  Could somebody give me a hint?
That’s the nut & bolt for fixing the exhaust to the frame

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Looks like it!  :)

15 front 40 rear. The gearing in the box for the top 3 gears I think is is different to the European bikes so you will need this gearing to properly utilise the top 6th gear. Some use a 16 front   sprocket but the standard is 15. I have a 16T new front sprocket and a good S/H 40 rear if you need them.

The normal standard US/UK/Euro 351 Model RD350 Gbox have the same ratio's.  ;)  The US bikes had all 6 gears available with the 15/40 rear sprockets, the UK/Euro had the first 5 gears available with 6th blocked and the 16/37 rear sprockets.  The different top 3 gears came in on the UK/Euro 521/522  RD250B/350B  to give the relatively close-ratio 6-speed Gbox for the UK/Euro bikes.  US stayed same with the original wider ratio 6-speed.

Mac, agree with OZ, the standard fit should be 15/40.  Cheers

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