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Hi just built my RD350B and currently running it in.Installed new KN air filter which is a straight thro one not like the original paper one with the 2 baffel tubes.From my past history experience 30plus years ago on previous RDs this was critical on how it ran,will this KN type be ok or should I get original type?

It depends what model your "350B" is, what carbs you have and what jetting?  If you can give the info, we can best advise.  Very, very roughly though, the unbaffled K&N in a standard 350 with airbox will need about a 140 Main jet.  Worth getting the genuine Mikuni jets from Allens performance or Motocarb, about £5ea.

Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: RD200 Sticking Choke
« Last post by Binettasteve on Today at 02:25:46 PM »
Thanks for that, I will investigate pipe fouling and corrosion.

I hope this also solves GTB’s problem
Cheers Chris, when I get more info and pix I'll post them up.
Ha ha, love that!
I see the listing has ended anyway. no doubt sold for £5k  :D
As has been said above, the same bike was listed previously at about £1200, so you wonder what he's playing at. Wrong colour and decals for a 1980 anyway. Best avoided, even if it looks shiny.
It looks like a nice original bike, and 1976 was the only year that the 125 and 200 had the painted mudguards - which save a lot on chroming! The colour is correct, so it depends how bad the rest of it is. cant see much in the photo, but the front indicators look to be Honda ones! As you say, on ebay original unrestored 200's seem to fetch £750-£1200, but 125's are much more rare. You wont make money if you restore it, speaking from experience, but if you get it running and on the road there may be a few quid in it. Good luck, Chris
Other 2 strokes / Re: My 1979 Suzuki TS 125 ERT with only 3,200 miles.
« Last post by Clint221 on Today at 12:54:52 PM »
Just checked and there is indeed a steel hoop to keep it rubbing on the exhaust.  ;)
Hi ,  you will probably find some corrosion of the carb body. You need to remove plunger and and check the hole.
I know better once I have actually had a look at it and see what it needs. I heard a similar one in barn condition was sold on ebay recently with a seized engine for £1200..... someone was keen  :D
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: RD200 Sticking Choke
« Last post by petermigreen on Today at 08:52:30 AM »
Make sure lever not catching on fuel in pipe, happened to me.
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: RD200 Sticking Choke
« Last post by Binettasteve on Today at 08:33:50 AM »
No pointers , other than to say my Rd200DX does this as well, not every time. About one in 3 starts it goes on but the lever is then “free” eg as if it isn’t connected to anything.

Im sure there is some knowledge on here that can advise.
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