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Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Clutch push rod
« Last post by Orange350 on Today at 02:14:22 AM »
I am not able to screw on my left side cover all the way because of the push rod. It as if the push rod is out too far or the mechanism is too far turned. Any ideas on what to check.

Thanks Steve
Here's a couple of videos

1st vids the best, she makes it look hard work, right leg it is then (on the stand)
Yes right leg,  I am left handed and footed and it took a while to get used to using the right leg but now it's easy once you know how
Thanks for the info SCOTT!!
Does the rear brake disc line up as well??

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Hi just done this same swap - you can do it.

Rear spindle is the same diameter, on both models, spacers also the same. Simple swap, both wheels have the same sprocket offset and thus chain run stays the same.
The issue is on the RHS - the disc is offset to the right a bit more than with the C - so you need to offset the brake caliper by shimming it out.
The other faff, is that the wider wheel will snag on the swing arm with a fatter tyre..... you have to cut a bit out and weld it up to provide clearance
Alternatively fit the Daytona swing arm, but hey they looks nasty compared to the C model swing arm.

As for the front, machine the spindle down to 15mm - all but 40mm that sits in the fork leg lower - then shim the speedometer drive with 15mm ID and 17mm OD press fit shim.
Et voila, Bob's your uncle.
Here's a couple of videos

1st vids the best, she makes it look hard work, right leg it is then (on the stand)
Aircooled RD Tech Help 250cc and Above / Re: Need to gear up special
« Last post by 5port on August 20, 2018, 10:54:41 PM »
Think I am running a17 front not sure what rear is but it's a standard kr1 wheel and sprocket. At 60mph it's reading 5500rmp

OK, I have the KR1 with 18 rear but very low profile and about 41 sprocket?  That would tie in with 5500, I get 5000 @ 60 on std gearing. ;)  I suspect you might struggle with 18 front? Rear 38 might be a better way?  Cheers

It was the coils in the end causing it.

OK, do you mean you changed the CDI unit or, the ignition trigger coil on the stator?  ;)
 As far as the 70hp 400 goes, who knows if that is right?  The 400 is a relatively long stroke motor that, generally, doesn't like revs as much as the shorter stroke 350.   ;)


Luckily I never had to do the CBT. My method is how I have always done it, and has become second nature. It is technique rather than strength. My wife struggles to put our CB100n on the main stand, but that's because she over thinks it and tries to heave it up. Like I say, my Vmax is a struggle, but I don't want to pop another disc! so I normally ask my wife to give me a helping pull!!!

I have a feeling its left foot on the stand placing your weight on the stand with a lift/pull on the lift handle with right hand they teach while keeping the handlebars straight with left hand on left handlebar, it was 1992 i did my test, as you say its technique more than anything.

I know what he is saying about being tall, the handle is too low making you bend your back, I am 6"2 and use the side stand mostly because it hurts the back to use the main stand, I think it maybe a tall person thing.
Aircooled RD Tech Help 200cc and Below / Re: RD125 1975
« Last post by Johncb500 on August 20, 2018, 10:32:19 PM »
I had a go on one today, it was the most fun i've had on a bike for a while. A real challenge to keep up and use every last ounce of power, yet what a noise they make even on stock pipes! It was a job keeping with faster cars but omg that was a real test of braking as little as possible and keeping the engine singing in a narrow power band. I want one! Bloody lovely little demon. Wonder what they fetch in great nick?

 totally agree,they are adictive ,
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